Peter Cox

Peter CoxWhile a Partner at Bourse Consult, Peter worked on a number of projects relating to market infrastructure, including advising a major European settlement organisation on a new strategic initiative, co-authoring two strategic research reports on European market infrastructure for the City of London Corporation, advising on the legal and regulatory aspects of establishing a betting exchange in the UK, acting as a senior interim manager for a Middle Eastern stock exchange and advising a major exchange technology supplier.

Formerly, Peter was Chief Executive of OM London Exchange (OMLX), a UK regulated exchange operating a market and clearing house closely integrated with the national exchanges and clearing houses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Under his tenure OMLX devised and launched the UK Power Exchange, the principal electricity exchange in the UK and the first regulated 24×7 market in the world.

He was previously at the London Stock Exchange being responsible for the design of the Talisman settlement system and was the Development Manager for the Central Gilts Office system operated by the Bank of England. He was also responsible for the plan for Big Bang, the transition of the LSE to electronic trading. As Director of the International Equity Market, he created the SEAQ International market for non-UK stocks, devised its unique business model and developed it into the largest cross-border equity market in the world.

Peter has extensive experience in the financial markets field. He has managed the development and operation of cash and derivatives markets trading in equities, commodities and energy. His responsibilities have covered the full spectrum of central services to organised markets – trading, regulation, clearing and settlement. Much of his work has been focussed on markets operating internationally and so he has a deep understanding of the problems of and solutions to cross border trading.

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