Strategy and Policy Formulation

Strategy WorkExchanges and Market infrastructures are facing today challenging competitive situations. New regulatory frameworks, new technical infrastructures and opportunities and more complex relationships with market members and clients create complex environments for CEOs and Boards.

Bourse Consult has been advising Exchanges and Market infrastructures on the overall strategy in order to face those challenges. As an example we can help and have been helping:

  • An Exchange that needs to survive with new competitors, we help finding new business areas and streamline the existing ones.
  • An Exchange that considers competing with others, we advise on the pros and cons of such an approach and on the factors that must be taken in consideration.
  • A CCP might decide it wants to broaden its approach to working in another country, to this end we bring a holistic approach that include technical, strategic and regulatory aspects.
  • We have been helping emerging countries developing Exchanges and market infrastructures from scratch. We bring our strategic multilayer knowhow to achieve profitable businesses with world-class practices.

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