Information Technology & IT Services

Information TechnologyToday’s markets and clearing & settlement organisations have in effect become advanced IT shops and the investments in information technology are massive. Selecting the right solution for your needs and then operating it effectively is crucial for your competitiveness and success.

Bourse Consult knows how to effectively manage IT services and has experience specifying requirements based on international best practice. We have advised in-house developments, have experience with many of the available vendors as well as managing selection and implementation projects. Before joining Bourse Consult, some or consultants have worked for some of the leading technology providers and been responsible for development, delivery and support of technology to more than 30 marketplaces globally. Below are some examples of our work:

Exchange System Evaluation

Our consultants have evaluated existing systems at several exchanges/marketplaces, and proposed short-term changes to adapt to international best practice, and developed long-term technology/requirements road-map.

Exchange System Specification

We have developed system specifications based on international best practice for many exchanges/marketplaces.

Technology Contract Terms and Negotiations

We have advised several exchanges on technology agreement terms and actively participated in negotiations (License, Delivery, Support & Maintenance, and Facility Management Contracts).

Case Study: IT operational efficiency and risks

An exchange experienced several outages; identified root causes and reviewed operational procedures. Recommended actions to reduce risk and improve efficiency, achieving substantial operational performance improvements.

Case Study: IT Service Management

Outlined management procedures to ensure that the IT service structure was focused on supporting the business, achieving both high service quality and financial efficiency in every stage of the service life cycle (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Implementation, Service Management, Security Management and Continual Improvements).

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