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JSE first in world to be CPSS-IOSCO compliant

Safcom, the clearing house of Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), is first in world to achieve CPSS-IOSCO compliance. Basel III, the global regulatory standard on banking regulations including capital adequacy, imposes prohibitive capital penalties on banks which deal with clearing houses

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Is “My word is my bond” still appropriate for FSA?

Politicians in the last days have done enormous damage to regulators and the regulatory structure in its baying for blood against Barclays and some of its employees. Hitherto, enforcement actions against investment firms were the business of regulators. No more

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Dodd-Frank Explained

Bloomberg Business week recently produced this amusing but helpful chart to explain the main implications of Dodd-Frank on various groups impacted by it.

Not quite final approval

Competition in the Australian equity market moved a little closer with yesterday’s announcement of Chi-X being granted a full securities trading license. It has been a long battle to open up this market. The story started way back in 2006

The European Commission proposes legislation for CSDs

The European Commission yesterday published a consultation paper on harmonising Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and other aspects of securities settlement across Europe. These proposals were expected, since – together with the proposals for central counterparties (CCPs) and for securities law

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