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Is a CCP right for your market?

The increasing focus on the use of Central Counterparties (CCPs) to manage risk in financial markets has led many markets to ask themselves whether they need a CCP. Is it a more appropriate way to manage risks than the mechanisms

Is there a road or a highway to the future for African exchanges?

John Falk of Bourse Consult recently wrote this article for the latest NEMA Insider 2015 World Tour Edition on the future for African Exchanges Is there a road or a highway to the future for African exchanges? Africa is seen

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LSE outage and change of plan begs more questions

The outage on Tuesday 2nd November of London Stock Exchange’s new Millennium Exchange system at its Turquoise MTF (see FT articles here and here) has elements of the mystery thriller about it. LSE’s announcement that “human error” which ”may have occurred in suspicious circumstances” was to blame has intrigued us all but there are other open questions to ponder.

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Can MTFs substitute for exchanges?

An interesting new study from BATS Europe examines what happened when trading on NYSE Euronext stopped for about half an hour on 13 October. It shows the extent to which MTFs have – and have not – become viable alternatives to

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Is life changing too rapidly for the exchanges?

I recently gave a lecture to the Senior Executive Programme at the London Business School about the way in which the exchanges have evolved over the years. As the audience was non specialist the presentation was intended to cover the

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