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Sleepwalking into the next energy price spike

  Sleep walking into the next energy price spike  OPEC’s decision to leave its production target at 30 million barrels a day for the next six months, with the proviso that it is prepared to take steps to ensure that

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Continental European Gas Hubs: Are they fit for purpose?

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies has recently published a paper by Associate Consultant Patrick Heather which assesses the development of the European Continental Gas Trading Hubs. The paper is a natural successor to Patrick’s 2010 paper ‘The Evolution and

China’s Energy Pricing

While all the recent headlines about oil and refined products have been regarding OPEC’s inability to agree an increase in production and the IEA’s decision to release 60 million barrels from its strategic reserve, a far more important announcement, with

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Crude and gasoline prices

With crude prices at over $115 per barrel and gasoline in the US at near record levels, it is hardly surprising that yet again the International Energy Agency (IEA) is calling on OPEC to increase production and that US Senators

Developments in Iran

Early Monday morning, June 22, I received an email containing words that I dreaded to read… ‘Universal Strikes planned for tomorrow’. The oil industry was not ready for the downfall of the Shah, and by the time it had taken