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Carbon market crisis: round-up of recent developments

This post provides a round-up of developments in the carbon market infrastructure since the crisis broke in January: the reopening of some registries; resumption of trading at some exchanges; and some legal and regulatory developments

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Carbon market: letter in the FT

A letter from Hugh Simpson was published in the Financial Times on 28 January, commenting on the significance of the current problems. As always, the headline was not written by the author and does not accurately reflect the contents of

Crisis deepens in the carbon market

It is a recurring theme in this commentary that the success of a trading market depends on having robust and reliable post-trade processes. It is hard to imagine a clearer illustration of this principle than the crisis currently affecting the

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EU Commission to take action on oversight of the carbon market

Following the Bourse Consult study into the Post Trade infrastructure for Carbon Emissions Trading, we are pleased to see that the European Commissioner for Climate Action has decided to take action to improve the integrity of this important market. In

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The cracks in the foundations of the carbon market

Our report on the Post-Trade Infrastructure for the Carbon Market earlier this year drew attention to the vulnerabilities in the settlement infrastructure for the carbon market. These have been illustrated again in recent weeks by the way the Trojan virus

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