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Are African Markets large enough and Instruments mature enough to sustain CCPs?

Hugh Simpson and John Falk have written an article for the Capital Markets in Africa magazine on whether African markets are large enough and instruments mature enough to sustain CCPs?. Read the article in the magazine here Or download a

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Is there a road or a highway to the future for African exchanges?

John Falk of Bourse Consult recently wrote this article for the latest NEMA Insider 2015 World Tour Edition on the future for African Exchanges Is there a road or a highway to the future for African exchanges? Africa is seen

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Bitcoin is not what you think

Bitcoin has been one of the most commented-on and reported phenomena in the financial industry recently. Reports, papers and articles range from the excellent, like the articles recently published by the Bank of England [1], to the fanciful and spurious.

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Futurisation of the OTC market

Futurisation of the OTC market   The world of derivatives, particularly over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, is in a state of change. Prior to the 2008 financial crisis the derivative world consisted of: the OTC markets which traded bi-lateral, customised swap and

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Bourse Consult develops Capital Market Master Plan for Kenya

Bourse Consult, along with its partner Genesis Analytics has been working the last few months, with the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and a steering committee of major stakeholders to develop a Captial Market Master Plan to guide the development

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