Month: June 2011

Are the authorities serious about competition in financial markets?

The news that Deutsche Borse and NYSE Euronext have today notified their proposed merger to the European merger authorities starts a critical decision-making process for financial markets. It comes at a point when the approach to competition seems mixed. On

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Bye Bye Toronto, Hello Nasdaq?

As I (eventually) predicted, the LSE finally failed to convince enough of the TMX shareholders to support their bid to “merge” with (i.e. take over) TMX and the deal has now fallen through. In the end this looked fairly inevitable.

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China’s Energy Pricing

While all the recent headlines about oil and refined products have been regarding OPEC’s inability to agree an increase in production and the IEA’s decision to release 60 million barrels from its strategic reserve, a far more important announcement, with

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Exchange Consolidation Redux

My last blog suggested that the best outcome for LIFFE would be a tie up with ICE. At which point ICE and Nasdaq OMX withdrew their bid. In the latest demonstration of my powers of prediction I circulated a presentation

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Crude and gasoline prices

With crude prices at over $115 per barrel and gasoline in the US at near record levels, it is hardly surprising that yet again the International Energy Agency (IEA) is calling on OPEC to increase production and that US Senators

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