Bourse Consult Advice
Bourse Consult LLP is a financial services consultancy offering practical advice to exchanges, clearing houses and other market infrastructures globally, in all areas from strategy to detailed execution. Our consultants are experts in their fields, all having many years’ experience at the highest levels of the financial services industry. We can work individually or in whatever combination meets the client’s needs.

Bourse Consult has experience in all aspects of setting up and running efficient markets: the ‘front-end’ of the business (product innovation, promotion, marketing and sales), internal operation (organisation, management processes, operational efficiency, information technology, IT services, customer service and risk management), rules and regulation (regulatory requirements, governance, listing, trading, surveillance and enforcement) and the ‘back-end’ of the business (clearing and settlement). Click “Clients” for examples of our work.


Hugh SimpsonPeter CoxStuart TurnerRoland TibellRaymond SabbahLynton Jones, Chairman Emeritus

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