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Bourse Consult Advice
Bourse Consult LLP is an independent, London based, financial markets consultancy. We give innovative, practical advice on creating and developing financial markets, from strategy to implementation. We work for governments, regulators, development banks, exchanges, clearing houses, depositories and others. Clients turn to us for help with unfamiliar problems, to respond to change and when they need a commercially-astute solution.

Bourse Consult is unique among consultancies because it consists of senior capital and commodity market professionals, all with CEO or other senior executive experience at exchanges, infrastructure platforms and regulators.  We conduct our assignments personally, bringing all of our experience to the assignment.

Bourse consult has experience in all aspects of setting up and running efficient capital and commodity markets: the ‘front-end’ of the business (product and business development), internal operation (product and business development), internal operation (organisation, management processes, operations efficiency, IT, customer services and risk management), rules and regulation (regulatory requirements, governance, listing, trading, surveillance and enforcement) to the processing end of the business (clearing and settlement).

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